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Natasha Denona was born in Croatia in 1970, and raised in Aachen, Germany. From her earliest childhood she absorbed the concepts of science, entwined with a deep love for aesthetics, from her mother - a chemist and technical illustrator. The German culture of her surroundings equipped her with additional important traits, such as thoroughness and an uncompromising professional approach – forging a sound foundation for her successful career. 


Natasha's many-sided artistic bent and talents were evident at an early age: at 13 she began to dance, both modern dance and classical ballet; a painter at 15, she exhibited her work at a gallery for young artists; and in high school she elected photography as her major. And the makeup artist she would become was already in the making: Natasha took to applying makeup to all the dancers in her company, including herself, before every performance. 


At 18 Natasha moved to Israel, soon dancing solo in a well-known dance company, and launching a new career as a fashion model. Fascinated by the fashion world, she keenly watched the proceedings around her – the makeup, the lighting, the choice of shooting angles… Her makeup skills received a significant boost when, taking part in an Israeli production of the musical Cabaret (under renowned French director Jerome Savary), she learned about Makeup for the Stage directly from the master - actor Michel Dussarat, the lead in the French production, who had come to instruct the Israeli performers.From then on Natasha did all her makeup by herself – for both the stage and the runway – sometimes as many as five times a day. In time she realized that these artistic preparations gave her more pleasure than the show itself…


Pregnant at 25 with her first daughter Liyan, Natasha decided to stop modeling and focus on her newly chosen profession: makeup artistry. Acquiring the secrets of the trade on her own, she conducted a yearlong self-imposed 'internship', in which she created dazzling portfolios for quite a number of actresses and models. As she worked, drawing upon the many insights and multiple skills she had gained as artist, photography student, model and performer, she formed a new, uniquelypersonal styleand technique that were no less than revolutionary in Israel of the 1990's.


Natasha's inspired work made quite an impression on Israel's leading fashion photographer, Ron Kedmi, who promptly offered her her first job: a catalogue and extensive campaign for fashion designer Hagara. This was soon followed by other campaigns and covers for leading brands and magazines. Collaborating closely for the next decade, Natasha and Ron became the uncontested leading pair of the national fashion industry.


In 2002 and 2006 Natasha was elected Makeup Artist of the Year in the Oscars of the Israeli Fashion World. This nationwide recognition brought many aspiring makeup artists to her doorstep, asking to learn her methods, and prompting her to establish the Natasha Denona Makeup Academy. Constantly growing ever since, the Academy recently moved into stylish new premises at the center of Tel Aviv's most fashionable district. Here Natasha, a teacher and mentor at heart, personally conducts all makeup lessons and demonstrations, encouraging every student and supporting her best protégés as they launch successful careers.  


Natasha's vast experience and knowhow have served as the basis for her newest initiative: the Natasha Denona Makeup Line– a line of top-quality makeup products, founded upon in-depth scientific R&D. Understanding the needs and dreams of women everywhere, Natasha was able to devise innovative solutions to a range of challenges in the global makeup market. At present, combining her inventiveness with her love and talent for teaching, Natasha is developing a novel do-it-yourself makeup system that will enable every woman to choose the look she desires and apply it independently.

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