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Natasha's 4-Step Glowing Skin Routine

I am so excited to finally reveal the unique NATASHA DENONA 4-Step Glowing Skin Routine. I have been applying and perfecting this special routine for about 18 years now – ever since the early beginning of my career as a Makeup Artist. Before I started to develop my own products, I was constantly in search of the best shimmer products that would give my clients the most flawless glowing skin texture. I looked for a range of exceptional products: a perfect hydrating primer, a smooth and glowing foundation, a cream shimmer that stays on for hours, a pressed powder shimmer that doesn't look as if I've used a glittering eye shadow, and a shimmer for the body that is totally touch- and waterproof. When I found that such top quality products are hard to come by, I developed my own signature products, which became the NATASHA DENONA Glow Collection. From the day I discovered how to create the texture I had dreamed of, I knew that the only way to achieve that long lasting airbrushed glow is a step by step routine. I named my routine the "4-Step Glowing Skin Routine", and I have used and taught it ever since. This perfect finish cannot be achieved with a regular nicely glowing foundation, or a shimmer in powder form only. It has to be built professionally, layer upon layer, using the right products that give the skin a fresh, radiant look.

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