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This particular product, was developed on the basis of a secret mixture of different products that Natasha used to prepare for her clients', models and Celebrities' bodies, on photo shoots or events, for a no-glitter and healthy glowing skin effect.
With Europe's top chemists, she turned her secret mixture into a one-formula product.

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●A light, fresh and fluid consistency, that is easy to apply all over the body, for a radiant glow.
●Quick-drying, non-sticky and resistant to water and sweat.
●Suitable for makeup in the spotlight.
●Dark color can be used, to add a bronzing effect.
●Available in 3 shades.


●This fluid formula, is made from a particular natural Hydrocolloid dispersed in water. This makes the product highly compatible with the skin, without drying it out, and at the same time, ensures the desired effect.
●High quality pearls help create that glowing finish.

Suggested Application

●For a more intense shimmer look, massage product in with the palm of your hand.
●For a more subtle shimmer look, apply product with brush no. 21, on decolletage, shoulders, arms and legs.
●may follow with “All Over Glow” Shimmer in Powder, for intensifying.

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