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Makeup Academy

The Natasha Denona Makeup Academy

Leading makeup artist Natasha Denona established her very own Natasha Denona Makeup Academy in Tel Aviv in 2002. Here, in the Academy's exclusively designed and superbly equipped classrooms, she teaches her groundbreaking concepts and methods to the next generation of professional makeup artists.



Historical building, fashionable interior 

The Natasha Denona Makeup Academy dwells in the grand historical Platine Building, right at the heart of Tel Aviv's oldest and most prestigious business district. The Academy's modernly styled interior, specially designed by Natasha herself, meets the very highest international standards. Here students find a supportive state-of-the-art learning environment which includes: 

  • An artistically styled, inspiring setting 
  • A comfortably furnished work station for every student     
  • A raised platform for lectures and demonstrations, clearly visible from all parts of the classroom
  • A plasma screen showing demonstrations in real time
  • A high-resolution screen displaying pictures, drawings and other relevant materials in great detail 
  • Professional daylight LED lighting fixtures  
  • Glass walls conducive to an intimate atmosphere, enabling direct eye contact among all personnel 
  • A kitchenette with hot and cold drinks
  • A basin for washing hands and face before practical exercises, ensuring maximum hygiene. 


Original, up-to-the-minute curriculum

All professional makeup courses at the Natasha Denona Academy were developed by Natasha herself, and are continually adapted to the fast-changing international makeup scene. Often invited to work with celebrities and top models for major campaigns and fashion magazines worldwide, Natasha brings the very latest trends with her into the classroom.

The Academy's makeup courses are based on original, exceptionally effective teaching methods, equipping students with thorough proficiency in Natasha's unique techniques and styles. Teaching all courses in person, Natasha strives to optimize the abilities of each and every student, and seeks out the cream of the crop for individual mentoring. Programs include a great deal of practical training, as well as participation in real productions of the local fashion and entertainment industries, providing Natasha's students with a great deal of valuable hands-on experience.

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